Gaining visibility and understanding of existing skills within an organisation is one of the most important foundations for a successful Talent Acquisition function. It is no different to wanting to cook a specific recipe – sure you can improvise and substitute some ingredients but ones that give it main flavours must be on hand.

Here are some reasons why gaining skills visibility is important and how it can assist in making optimal talent decisions:

Aligning with business goals

Understanding the business goals and objectives allows talent advisors to align talent acquisition strategies and decisions with the organisation’s overall direction. By knowing the skills and capabilities required to achieve those goals, talent advisors can focus on attracting and selecting candidates who possess the right skills to contribute effectively.

Mapping skills to business goals

Creating a skills matrix that maps the required skills and capabilities to the business goals helps identify any skill gaps within the organisation. This information is vital for talent advisors to assess whether the current workforce has the necessary skills to drive the business forward or if external talent is required to fill those gaps.

Identifying internal talent potential

Assessing the skills of current team members through interviews and resume reviews provides insights into their existing capabilities and potential for growth. Talent advisors can identify employees who can be upskilled or cross-skilled to meet the evolving needs of the business. This knowledge supports internal talent development and succession planning.

Strategic talent decisions

With a deep understanding of the skills required for business success and the skills possessed by the current workforce, talent advisors can make informed talent decisions. This includes determining the best sourcing strategies, assessing the suitability of candidates for specific roles, and guiding hiring managers in decisions related to building, buying, borrowing, or automating talent.

Optimising talent acquisition

By gaining visibility into existing skills, talent advisors can develop targeted recruitment strategies to attract candidates with the desired skills and competencies. This leads to more effective talent acquisition processes, reducing the time and resources spent on finding the right candidates and increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

Enhancing internal mobility

Understanding the skills and capabilities of current employees allows talent advisors to identify opportunities for internal mobility and career progression. By facilitating internal talent movement, organisations can retain top performers, foster employee development, and fill critical roles with trusted individuals who already understand the business and its objectives.

Supporting talent development

The understanding of existing skills enables talent advisors to provide targeted development opportunities for employees. By identifying skill gaps and aligning development programs with business goals, talent advisors contribute to the continuous growth and improvement of the workforce, ensuring the organisation remains competitive and adaptable.

Overall, gaining visibility and understanding of existing skills provides talent advisors with valuable knowledge to support optimal talent decisions. It enables them to align talent acquisition strategies with business objectives, identify skill gaps, make informed choices about internal and external talent, and foster talent development within the organisation.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash