Ready to assess the team? Here’s an overview of what happens when. 

    Keeping everyone on the same page is key, the following chart lets you know what to expect when. Remember, we’ll be here for you at any stage if you need anything, just let us know. 

Confirm your persona(s)

Ensure you’re assessing the right attributes

We’ve got over 30 assessable attributes and many prebuilt personas. To make sure you’re getting the best from your TCS Insights assessment you can choose from one of our personas, complete a survey to find your key attributes, or provide us with a list of your company values and we’ll help build one with you.

Set a date for kick off

Let’s work backwards…

Do you have a team day, or a regular meeting that we can use to share the results with the team? If so, this is a great anchor to work out the schedule. Assessments take about an hour to complete, and we’ll need a few days to uncover the insights that are going to help the team. We want to make sure the team are still fresh so we reccommend no more than a week or two between assessment and review. 

Review and customise your communications

What’s going on?

Download our communications templates here and let the team know what to expect. Feel free to change them to suit your company – oh, and we speak American too if you’d prefer.

Send us your list of participants

Who are we assessing?

We’ll need to know who to send the assessments to. Click here to download a template CSV file. We’ll need name, email address, and the persona that they are to be assessed against (if there’s more than one you’re using). Once you’re complete, send it back to and we’ll get it uploaded. If you prefer, we can provide sftp access. 

Set a time for the assessment

Is it on the calendar?

Although the assessments need to completed solo, we find the best approach is to set a time for everyone to complete it. Doing so ensures that everyone on the team understands the importance, and we get the results as close together as possible to avoid waiting to create benchmarks. This is our standard calendar invitation; feel free to use and customise to your team. 

We’re here to support you

I need help..!

Sometimes, someone misses what’s going on. It’s ok, it happens to us all. Here’s a link to information on how to complete an assessment (we’ll send it out to everyone too), but if anyone on the team needs more help simply reach out at and we’ll be right with you. 

Set a time for the initial review

So, how did they do?

We’ll be building a team report with insights into how everyone relates to each other across the assessed attributes and we look forward to discussing these with you. Find a time on our calendar and we’ll run through the details.

Team workshop

Working it through

We’ll be taking the team through a detailed workshop of the top 3-5 attributes based on our discussion. We’ll set up a time for this with you on our review call, but expect a minimum of 4 hours to get the most from the assessment. 

Developing capabilities

What next?

If you’re looking to up skill fast in a particular attribute we can work with you to create a focused, effective, and fast experiential learning path for the team. Our 6-week intensive courses are designed to provide real world change in as short a time as possible.